Luis Gallardo

World Happiness Fest: The Future of Happiness Experienced and Unlocked

Luis Gallardo
World Happiness Fest: The Future of Happiness Experienced and Unlocked

What more is there to life than finding happiness? The pursuit of wisdom leads us all down a different path – but ultimately towards the same outcome. We all strive to find peace and live happily by our surroundings. It is when we find the happiness that sustainable growth can be experienced, both within our intellectual lives and in the communities, we foster around us. Happiness is the light of life, and we as humans can only benefit by incorporating this light into our collective lives.  

However, the pursuit of wisdom is filled with obstacles. Finding happiness is not derived from a pill you swallow or a book you read. It is more than that. Happiness is fundamentally grounded in pursuing experiences that open yourself up to the those around you and help unlock the gushing tides of gratitude and joy we all hold within us.  

The Happiness Fest was created to promote the benefits of happiness and cultivate a global experiential learning community. Convened at San Miguel Allende, Mexico, from March 16th-18th, our higher purpose is to build a world in which happiness replaces misery; sharing replaces greed. Those seeking happiness can take part in hands-on learning sessions, sensory-based music exploration, mindful eating classes, and more. The next experiential community is planned for Spain in June, with plenty more to follow across the world.

The Festival

Some health and wellness experts lead workshops and classes at the Festival in San Miguel Allende. Saamdu Chetri, Raj Raghunathan, Maureen Healy, Kedrup Rinpoche, and Gaby Vargas were all present, along with 40 other thought leaders and healers. These guides and experts are more than just lecturers spouting big ideas from the stage. They are all devoted to sharing their insights into the human condition with participants, creating a reciprocal relationship of sharing that pushes energy levels to new heights.

The beSHOP Community

The beSHOP was created to act as a hub for anyone interested in ideas, methods, and available tools used for generating happiness around the world. Each thought leader in the experiential community works tirelessly to create moments of reflection, exploration, and learning. The moments produced are known as beSHOPS, and each leader offers a unique approach to increasing well-being and overcoming psychological obstacles. Keep your eyes peeled for future beSHOPS at upcoming World Happiness Festivals!

How to Unlock Happiness

To actualize a world full of positive energy, we all must figure out for ourselves how to unlock happiness. Although it might seem confusing at first, the beautiful thing about happiness is that once it starts to flow, it will never cease. The key is understanding yourself well enough to realize what kinds of relationships and experiences nourish you the most.  

Indeed, the first step towards happiness is taking time out of your busy schedule to understand yourself better. How well do you know your mind? Are you giving it the sustenance it needs to live in harmony with the external world? What could you be doing to build stronger relationships? Once you start asking yourself these questions, you can begin the process of self-reflection that we all must take to actualize happiness.

The Happiness Fest was set-up to encourage this process in everyone, by organizing experiences based on feeling, sensation, and learning. Happiness is the new paradigm for human development, and we are devoted to expanding the message.