Luis Gallardo

Quantum Physics: When, How, and Why it is Important

Luis Gallardo
Quantum Physics: When, How, and Why it is Important

Quantum physics is a branch of science that seems unfamiliar to most of us. You may have watched Neil Degrasse Tyson Netflix show about the Cosmos, or spent enough time with the writings of Stephen Hawking to know what a quark is.

These cursory explorations hardly do justice to what is perhaps the most extraordinarily complex pursuit of modern science. And yet, those involved in the Happytalism community know more about quantum mechanics than you think! Trying to understand consciousness is to interrogate into the ways energy flows through the body – a process very dear to the physicists’ heart.

Quantum Physics Defined

According to Wikipedia, quantum physics is “a fundamental theory in physics which describes nature at the smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles.” In practice, this means permeating into the deepest regions of existence to find out what it is that produces and sustains life.

It is essential to distinguish the word ‘quantum’ here because it describes the dualistic state of subatomic particles. Regular atoms are accurately mapped in stable positions over time. At the subatomic level, particles flutter back and forth always, often existing in the same state for a millisecond before decohering again.

At the current point, as far as the top minds in the discipline can ascertain, it all comes down to understanding energy fields: what propels particles to move, where does the energy come from, what form is it in, and where does it go. Physicists have gathered some answers to these questions – everything is made of waves, for instance – but a lot remains unknown.  

You Know More Physics Than You Think

As it turns out, those of us involved in the experiential learning community know a great deal about quantum physics, at least as it applies to life. Consider that there remains an enduring link between the brain and quantum systems.

In early quantum experiments, researchers noticed that outcomes changed depending on what particles they observed. An ‘observation effect’ was evident and pointed to the undeniable assumption that our brains are connected, in some intimate way, to quantum energy waves.

Though physicists might be shocked at this connection, healers and happiness coaches have known it for years. A higher consciousness exists for us all, as long as we are willing to learn about its source, and develop techniques to tap into the waves of energy surrounding us. Healers and coaches have put their understanding of higher consciousness to good use because they know that society will only improve once we all reach a higher state of being. Through classes and experiential learning events, experts help participants tap into the wellspring of creative energy at their fingertips and ignite activities they never thought possible.

Higher Consciousness in Practice

Much like conducting a research experiment in quantum physics, forging a relationship with your higher consciousness is not an easy endeavor. The mind is full of complexes, fears, biases, and learned behaviors that disconnect ourselves from our higher spiritual selves. Breaking away from natural tendencies takes a lot of effort and desire  – but the payoff is always worth it. Living with a higher consciousness means you are one step closer to understanding the meaning of existence, and one step closer to communicate a life-affirming force that exists in the universe and within us.

Higher Consciousness and Happytalism

The Happytalism movement is all about aligning the mind with the energy of the universe. Quantum physics is the domain in which this energy is studied, and at will continue to inform our understanding of the world and our place within it.