Luis Gallardo

Happytalism: The Case for Building a New Human Development System

Luis Gallardo
Happytalism: The Case for Building a New Human Development System

Every natural entity exists within a dynamic ecosystem. Whether you look at the world from the atomic level through a microscope or reflect on the powerful cyclical flow of the seasons, this observation rings true. Natural ecosystems contain all life, and they are driven by a dynamic energy force that cannot be silenced.  

Understanding the Energy All Around Us

Humans experience this energy - both in biological and social iterations. As a species in the natural world, our mental computations are limited by our interpretation of the power pulsing around us.   

In the social sphere, a system like capitalism is reflective of cosmic energy being channeled into a collective entity. Capitalism is a dynamic, self-correcting system designed to expand human flourishing – at least in theory. The only problem is that a small percentage of the population has corrupted the order to suit the needs of the few rather than the many.

But the natural world is far more powerful than any human construct like capitalism. Alternate realities exist in this dimension – it is only our limited scope that prevents us from seeing it and experiencing life on a higher plane of existence. When we are communicating with our deeper spiritual selves, we are tapping into a parallel universe that is only partially understood.

The energy that we tap into is reflected in our deeper impulses for finding meaning in life. And the extent to which we can actualize our deeper impulses depends on our ability to disrupt existing structures (like capitalism), embrace change in all its active forms, and create a sustainable ecosystem in a parallel universe that can ultimately replace our broken system.

Happytalism and a New Human Development Paradigm

It is the pursuit of Happytalism. More than just a lifestyle ethos or moral philosophy, Happytalism is a human development paradigm that taps into the dynamic energy of human existence and use it to bring out the best in all of us.

Combining elements of quantum physics and disruptive innovation theory into a holistic approach to life, our goal is to create a new paradigm of human development by bringing the brightest minds together and sharing strategies for human flourishing.

Given our unique place in the history of science and human development, only now is it possible to apply the lessons of ancient mystics and spiritual leaders and see measurable results. Advancements in quantum physics make it possible for us to delve deeper than ever into the mechanisms of the universe. Disruptive innovation theory brings the dynamic force of nature to bear on human systems of thought, experience, and knowledge, allowing us to innovate faster than ever before.

All it takes is a convergence of like-minded individuals in the same place, working towards the same goals. That is where Happytalism comes in. We will curate the conversations, strike out on some bold initiatives, and spark experimentation amongst global thought leaders - all in an attempt to merge opinions and create a roadmap for the future.

Through regular consultation and a disruptive approach to fostering change, the parameters of a new human development paradigm will emerge in a parallel universe of our creation.