Luis Gallardo

Body, Mind, Soul, Heart: The Four Elements of a Holistic Approach to Being

Luis Gallardo
Body, Mind, Soul, Heart: The Four Elements of a Holistic Approach to Being

Our physical existence is intimately connected to deep spiritual forces. Although it may only be apparent once and a while, there is no question that both our mental and physical selves are unified in a spiritual aura that lights our path and guides us through life. The question is: how aware are we of this ephemeral link, and what can we do to understand it better?

The cumulative result of years of reflection points to one general conclusion: aligning the four elements of being into a holistic interrelationship is the only way to experience true happiness. Here is a description of each component, with a particular focus on how to improve the holistic interdependence of your being:

The Body –

We are all intimately familiar with the physical needs of the body. Grounded in the biological necessities of the human species, the body is like a playground where all the senses can run free.

Regarding aligning the body within a holistic approach to living, getting enough exercise and eating nutrient-rich foods will help keep sickness at bay and quell excessive energy that can turn into stress.

The Mind –

The mind is another pillar of existence we are all familiar with. We set life goals, develop moral judgments, and make sense of the world around us through the workings of the mind.

Much like the body, the mind is a tremendously challenging entity to regulate. If you are eating well and exercising regularly, the mind should be relatively calm. However, if you are working in a job that does not give you mental stimulation, then you are allowing cognitive dissonance to flourish. It’s important to reflect on what kinds of work will make you the happiest - and then pursue it at all costs.

The Soul –

The soul is the seat of all the more profound aspects of life. It deals in the meta categories of existence that we only tap into only once and a while, but that actually determine our well-being. Neglecting our soul life is to our detriment, as maintaining a positive relationship with our spiritual selves always produces a more meaningful existence.

Aligning the soul with the other elements requires deep self-reflection. Communicating with the soul means thinking hard about what it is you are grateful for in life and then living in a manner that reflects your deepest values.  

The Heart –

Where would we be without a heart? Probably, distinct as a species. The heart aligns the desires of the body with the beliefs and values of the mind. Through love and compassion for one another, the heart makes it possible for us to look positively at the world and feel happiness. Research indicates that the happier we are, the healthier our heart is too.

Being happy is the most magical sensation on the planet, and we are all capable of experiencing its warm glow emanating from the heart. To cultivate love and happiness, we need to understand that the heart is fragile. Putting ourselves in unrealistic situations may damage the heart – just as meandering in the same unsatisfying position for too long makes the heart discouraged.

There is no authoritative guide to finding happiness and living in holistic orientation to oneself. Openness, compassion, honesty, and truth-seeking are all life pursuits in alignment with the four elements of being, but they must be experienced on a deeply personal level to be understood.