Luis Gallardo

Keys for Choosing to Become a Happytalist

Luis Gallardo
Keys for Choosing to Become a Happytalist

We live in a world where people are constantly searching for happiness.

Have you ever been that person who searches frantically for their keys, only to have them on a lanyard already hanging around their neck?

That’s what the quest for happiness is like – when you finally stop the panic and beating yourself up about how late you’re going to be, who might get upset, and how this will ruin everything, you’ll see that all along, you held the keys.

Happiness consists of each key on that lanyard. It’s already ours; we just have to tap into it and get into a state of Happytalism.

What is Happytalism?

This is the term coined by the innovative entrepreneur, Luis Gallardo, to describe a way to live and be, thriving on the tools you have within yourself.  

This self-dependent utopia only needs your own mind to function, which makes it your choice on whether you’re ready to access it. A Harvard Study backs this notion up and concludes that people choose whether or not they will be happy.

With this in mind, embrace these key ways that will help you choose to be a happytalist:

Make Real Life Your Dream

Don’t dream of what your life could be. Instead, appreciate everything wonderful about what your life already is.

The Harvard researchers revealed that 49% of the “extremely happy” people felt that they are currently pursuing their dreams. Are they “extremely happy” because they are pursuing their dream? Possibly. But it’s more likely that they learned to appreciate the life they have, and so it became their dream.

Psychologist, Daniel Gilbert's research substantiates the idea that our highly-evolved brains allow us to synthesize that happy feeling with whatever circumstances we are given. This does not mean never to strive, but rather to appreciate every single moment of the journey.

Show Gratitude

Extending from appreciating the life you have; give thanks for every moment of it. To whom should you extend this gratitude? To family, friends, co-workers, the trees, earth, the universe… just keep being thankful.

There is an ancient African word, Ubuntu, which roughly translates to, “I am because we are.” Consider this in everything you do, because nobody gets anywhere alone.

Gratitude lifted Jennifer Moss, a renowned happiness expert, and her family through an extremely difficult time; it led her creation of “ HERO Generation.” In her incredible story, she refers to gratitude as “the granddaddy trait” emphasized through the organization.

When you give thanks, your focus shifts to everything you’ve received and all the aspects of your life that bring you joy - that is key to a happy life.

Secure Relationships

Gratitude strongly ties in with positive relationships. Don’t only give thanks for what people do for you, regard what they are to you.

Harvard researchers also found that happier participants gave better ratings to their relationships. Jennifer Moss highlights the important role her husband’s loved ones played in helping him to not only live but to live happily.

Fostering relationships of any kind comes with practicing all of her “HERO Generation” qualities: hope, efficacy, resilience, optimism, gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness. People admire and are attracted to these characteristics, and will often return them.

Remember, loved people love people.

Where Will All This Happy Talk Get You?

To the top of your potential, according to expert, Shawn Achor. Because, as his research shows, success follows happiness, and not the other way around; we choose Happytalism, and success chooses the happytalist.

Stop a moment and make your choice. Are you ready for all the perks and the success that come with choosing a happy life? When you are, that lanyard is hanging around your neck, where it’s been your entire life, ready for you to embrace and enjoy every day.